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"We cannot do great things.

We can only do small things with great love."

 Mother Theresa

"Love every moment"

Sue Springle (center) 1945-2005
Board Member
Hui Ho'olana

Your spirit lives in all those you touched.
You are missed.

Casey 1992-2005

Spirit 1997-2010

Friends of the Hui

The money to purchase building and plant materials for our projects comes from the generosity of the Friends of the Hui as well as the April Photo Workshop, our main fundraiser for the year. It is from these donations that Hui Ho'olana is able to expand our reforestation projects and improve our site.

We are a nonprofit organization, exempt from income tax under IRS section 501(c)(3). Please help us by making your tax-deductible contribution to Hui Ho'olana. You may earmark your donation for special projects.
Please make your checks payable to Hui Ho'olana.
  • Member $35
  • Supporting Member $100
  • Patron $500
  • Benefactor $1000
  • Founder $5000 or more

In 2011
With A Little Help From Our Friends,
Here's What We Can Do...
  • Fence in 10 acres around the lodge to keep out deer and keep reforestation efforts intact
  • Reforest area around Hermitage
  • Continue remodeling the lodge/kitchen/entry
  • Extend yurt deck
  • Continue our solar water and electric expansion
  • Upgrade catchment system
Celebrate all we have done together!

We grow and maintain our excellence through the donated energy of Camp participants, Work Scholars, Guests and Staff. Thank you for all your continued service and friendship!