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Who We Are


Bronwyn Cooke, President, Treasurer
Richard Cooke, Vice President
Philip Teyssier, Secretary
Bill Stanley, MD, Director
Flint Sparks, Director
Joan Cooke, Director

Tom Ackley
Bill Allen
Brad Andrews
Erik Durfey
Dewitt Jones
Lucy Lamkin
David Lunney
Lynette Sheppard


Bronwyn Cooke

Rik Cooke
Erik Durfey
John Kneton

Josh Felsinger
Tyson Tamanaha
King Kahana-Kalua

Arlinka Blair
Patricia “Sparky” Kneton

Allison Eklund

Erin Curtis

Wanda Vianzos
Grace Nihipali
Kathereen Kaai

We are people from all walks of life – teachers, artists, builders, gardeners, medical professionals, writers, cooks – who have been profoundly touched by Molokai, its red dirt firm below our feet, lush beauty of its plants and wildlife, the oceanic sky arching overhead.

The Hui is a manifestation of our loving care. Its landscape and facilities reflect the projects undertaken over many years to enhance our surroundings and provide an unforgettable experience for those who come to work, to play, to be. We strive to be mindful and realize kindness, both among our staff members and with our treasured guests.

Our work continues on with joy and dedication, embracing our legacy and looking forward to our continued evolution and growth.   We invite others to come to this safe haven where they can be themselves, and connect with others in a spirit of mutual support.  This place holds magic. Its gales and gentle breezes carry a message: Come home and be free.

What We Do

Two primary goals inform our efforts.

First, we provide a place where our guests feel at home. We seek a personal touch in everything we build and tend, so that beauty is never far away. Teachers, students and staff find a living sanctuary where kindness can thrive.

Our second goal is to work with nature, not against her. We make extensive use of solar energy. A long-term program restores habitat for native species and people alike.  We keep bee pollinators on site, and use the bounty of our garden in the preparation of meals.

The work is ongoing, and taken in a spirit of joy and gratitude.