2023 Workshops

For further information or to enroll in a class, please contact the instructor listed with each individual retreat. Many classes have discounted rates for early registration.

Fees are mailed to the instructor. Dates indicate the arrival and departure days.

For accommodations before or after a workshop, please look in the Visitors Center on visitmolokai.com


JANUARY 6-14, 2023

Karin White
P.O. Box 323
Cotuit, MA 02635
508 241-7773

Web site: ifs-institute.com
email: karinwhite@comcast.net

Offering a unique invitation to join Dick Schwartz in the healing, tranquil, and magical environment of Hui Ho’olana. In this seven day retreat we will explore the spiritual side of IFS through extended meditation designed to access high levels of Self-energy, inviting guidance regarding a vision for your life, and further unburdening your parts as a way to remove obstacles to accessing Self.

At Hui Ho’olana you will be welcomed to experience the peace and inspiration that can come to light in an atmosphere of acceptance, respect and support. Through Dick’s guidance and the IFS model you will be offered the practice of ho’oponopono (the Hawaiian concept “to make things right”) by using the evolving conceptual spiritual framework of IFS to deeply heal exiles.

The inspiring and nurturing environment, superb natural food, small and intimate venue of 15 – 17 participants and Dick’s humble but expert guidance, offer a unique and unmatched opportunity to further your IFS journey.

This advanced retreat is being offered to participants with a minimum of Level 1 IFS training.

Dick Schwartz is the founding developer of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of psychotherapy offering a clear, non-pathologizing, and empowering method of understanding human problems, as well as an innovative and enriching philosophy of practice that invites both therapist and client to enter into a transformational relationship in which healing can occur. Over the past 30 years IFS has gained global recognition and is being used in many venues other than psychotherapy, where it had it’s roots.

8 days

FEBRUARY 3-13, 2023
Hui Ho’olana Staff
PO Box 280, Kualapuu, HI 96757
(808) 567-6430
email: hui@huiho.org

This week of community building, education and family fun is dedicated to enjoying each other’s company as we playfully work, learn and mindfully create together. There will be carpentry, planting and maintenance. Teams will work together in the garden, on the land and on building projects while forming relationships and learning from each other. We will divide into teams and make a schedule (working about 3 hours in the morning and 3 in the afternoon) with a day and a half off for beach and play.

This camp fills quickly, so please register soon. Camp is open to our Board of Directors, Advisors, former staff members, teachers and people who have attended 3 or more camps.

Call, write or email for an application to attend.

10 days

MARCH 4-14, 2023
The Painting Experience

Stewart Cubley
PO Box 309
Fairfax, CA 94978-0309
Phone: 415-488-6880
Web site: www.processarts.com
email: info@processarts.com

Join Stewart Cubley for the 26th year of his workshops at Hui Ho’olana. This retreat fills up quickly, so make sure to register early! This Moloka’i Intensive gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the timeless presence of process painting, beyond the pace and pressures of a busy life. You will dive into ten uninterrupted days of deep relaxation and creative awakening with a small community in the pristine setting of the Hui Ho’olana.

The foundation of this intensive is personal attention in the painting process, in the nurturing environment, and in the small group interactions. This is Stewart’s longest and most personalized group program, and the opportunity to make a lasting investment in yourself and your life. It has proven to be a powerful catalyst for change by all who’ve experienced it.

For over four decades, Stewart Cubley has pioneered a way of integrative and creative living through the practice of process painting. Stewart travels throughout the world, teaching his unique approach to thousands of people at personal growth centers such as the Esalen and Omega, multinational corporations, programs in prisons and countless other public forums. Stewart is the co-author of the highly acclaimed book, Life, Paint & Passion, Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression (Tarcher/Putnam). He and his wife, Shae Irving, live in Fairfax, California and part of the year on their homestead near Denali Park, Alaska.

“I have to tell you that process painting has opened me up to something wild and true in my life that has more or less catapulted me beyond the confines I was feeling. And in turn my life is getting wilder and freer and better. I mean in very, very substantial ways. THANK YOU.” ~ Ted L.

10 days

MARCH 31 – APRIL 8, 2023
A fundraiser for the Hui
Rik Cooke, Theresa Airey, Jonathan Kingston
Guest Speaker: Dewitt Jones
PO Box 280, Kualapuu, HI 96757
(808) 567-6430
email: hui@huiho.org
websites: Rikki CookeDewitt JonesJonathan Kingston

This workshop is a collaboration between four outstanding teachers and inspirational photographers: Rik Cooke, Theresa Airey, Jonathan Kingston, and guest speaker Dewitt Jones. Rik will take students on photographic excursions discovering the hidden beauty of Molokai. He speaks about ‘seeing simply’ and ‘rekindling the creative spirit’. Theresa teaches about taking your images into the realm of fine art. Jonathan will help you to polish your digital techniques and demonstrate how to effectively combine story telling with your images. Dewitt will lecture on creativity and ‘the inner self’. Together they will help you turn your files into unique images through Lightroom and other programs, showing you new possibilities in the art of photography.

There will be time to reflect, relax and rejuvenate in the lovely atmosphere of this Living Sanctuary. The workshop is intended for enthusiastic digital photographers. Bring a digital camera you know well and come with a laptop computer that you are comfortable using and can easily navigate. Teachers primarily use Apple products. If you are bringing a PC, we may not be able to answer your questions.

Both Rik and Dewitt have shot extensively for National Geographic Magazine and their book division. Theresa Airey is an author and international fine art photographer. Jonathan Kingston is a National Geographic Creative Photographer who regularly leads photo expeditions for National Geographic Expeditions. He is a skilled photographer with outstanding technical expertise.

For more workshop information, see April Photo Workshop.

8 days

MAY 6-14, 2023
BE.ING TRANSFORMATION: place.spirit.embodied life

Rev. angel Kyodo Williams Sensei
Contact Elaine Margarita Williams to register:
(415) 891-9684
Email: being@transformativechange.org
website: www.zenchangeangel.com

The design of this week-long retreat fulfills a dream in which every aspect of the conditions required for transformation is considered. Environment and timing. Healing through modalities of body, breath and embodied practices that dislodge limiting beliefs embedded in our stories, language, body and movements. Face-to-face ZenChange sessions offer precise individual assessment and follow-up.

From cellular memory to our innermost narratives to internal and structural alignment, unwanted habit patterns and unresolved internal conflict undermine our most dedicated efforts to shift, keeping the next levels of healing, equanimity and increased capacity to dynamically self-evolve, just beyond our reach. Most of us have enough information, this retreat empowers us toward be.ing transformation.

Rev. angel Kyodo Williams Sensei, is an author, maverick spiritual teacher, renowned master trainer and founder of Center for Transformative Change. Ordained as a Zen priest, she is a Sensei, the second black woman recognized as a Zen teacher. Both fierce and grounded, she is known for her unflinching willingness to both sit with and speak uncomfortable truths with love. Rev. angel has been bridging the worlds of personal transformation and justice since the publication of her critically-acclaimed book, Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living With Fearlessness and Grace and set off a movement of breaking down racial barriers with Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation.

“I have been attending and facilitating workshops and retreats for decades and be.ing transformation is one of the most holistic, powerful, integrative & brilliant retreats I have ever participated in. One of the most amazing leaders, guides I have ever encountered”. – 2018, participant Rev. D. Johnson

8 days

JUNE 3-11, 2023

Flint Sparks

Organized by Hakomi Austin
(206) 669-0813
Email: jessica@hakomiaustin.com
website: hakomiaustin.com/events

For more information about registration and payment please contact Hakomi Austin.

We invite you on a collaborative journey of self discovery and spiritual unfolding towards maturity and real connection with others and the environment.

Flint Sparks is a Zen Buddhist teacher and Spiritual Director who leads retreats internationally with an emphasis on the interface between psychology and spiritual practices in personal transformation. He has extensive postdoctoral training in mindfulness based psychotherapies and group therapy with specialty training in both the Hakomi Method and Internal Family Systems Model.

He is a guiding teacher at Appamada, a center for Zen practice and inquiry in Austin, TX, Open Door Zen Community in Madison, WI, and Awakening Together Zen Community in Minneapolis, MN. He is also a guiding teacher for Just This, a consortium of Zen informed sanghas in the UK and Switzerland.

Together, these two primary areas of interest — healthy human development and the freedom offered through contemplative spiritual practices – form the complementary strands of the double-helix of full human maturity. These are the ongoing practices of growing up and waking up.

Having led retreats in Hawaii for more than 20 years, and sharing a background as a therapist and a teacher, he masterfully holds a space for self exploration and growth at Hui Ho’olana, a living sanctuary on the island of Molokai. From magnificent skies and natural landscapes to attentive service and wonderful meals, the Hui provides an ideal container for this special experience.

8 days

JULY 1- SEPTEMBER 15, 2023

OCTOBER 7-15, 2023

Teachers: Ryan Williamson & Kevin O’Connor
PO box 469
Na’alehu, HI 96772
To register for the retreat email: kevin@beeboys.org

Bee Boys Apiary Alchemy Immersion is an exciting opportunity to commune with the winged wisdom of the honeybees. Become a regenerative beekeeper, an apiarist, and a friend of bees. Experience the magic of Moloka’i through a hive body & hive mind immersion at Hui Ho’olana. Learn the secrets the bees have for you, in a tranquil sanctuary setting. Develop the skills to support the honeybees and your aspirations for regenerative and sustainable living.

Take in the beekeeping basics of instinctual apiculture while exploring the alchemical aspects of working with bees. Experience alternate hive construction and practical apiary applications. Get creative with salve, balm, tincture, and tonic making. Dip into wax rendering, encaustic painting, candle making, gastronomy with hive products, and much more!

Bee Boys Kevin O’Connor and Ryan Williamson have been working with bees on Hawaii island for 18 years. Originally commercially trained in the Kona queen-rearing industry, each is devoted to regenerative principles in agriculture & beekeeping. Bee Boys natural products line highlights all the wonders of the magical honeybee.

For more workshop information – https://beeboys.org/apiary-alchemy-adventure

8 Days

NOVEMBER 4-12, 2023

An 8 day retreat with Jack Davis and
Guest Teachers Dewitt Jones and Rik Cooke
For the full invitation download the PDF here:
To register for the retreat email: JackDavisWorkshops@gmail.com

This retreat is dedicated to sharpening our photographic vision, expanding our creative options and opening ourselves up to the breathtaking beauty of Polynesia and its Spirit of Aloha – as we give ourselves permission to fall in love with photography all over again! Recapturing that eagerness and enthusiasm of a child, we will explore the endless ways we can integrate creativity into our lives! Renowned teacher, author and Photoshop Hall-of-Famer Jack Davis, with National Geographic alumni and Hawai’i “Kama’ainas” (locals) Dewitt Jones and Rikki Cooke, will once again teach this 8 day all-inclusive creative photography and digital imagery retreat.

Whether you are a professional photographer, an addicted amateur or someone just giddy about your smartphone camera (as we all are ;), this week is for you! And while we explore all corners of Moloka’i – from flower-filled rain forest valleys, to Hawaii’s longest (and emptiest) white sand beach, to the world’s tallest sea cliffs, to palm-fringed lagoons with hired hula dancers – you’ll find new ways to shoot and shape your photography in ways you never thought possible. Learn new methods to craft that visual “story” you’ve always wanted to tell but may never have had the time, opportunity, skills or inner permission to before. Learn steps to optimize, enhance and creatively interpret your images using everything from the latest Lightroom and Photoshop, to the plethora of mobile and desktop apps that are daily introducing new ways to expand the photographic process. Join us for an amazingly fun and inspirational 8 days that will change your photography and your creative life forever!

Jack Davis is one of the world’s leading experts on Photoshop, Lightroom and Mobile Photography and is himself an award-winning photographer. He is coauthor of a dozen books on digital imagery including two of the bestselling guides to Photoshop: The Photoshop Wow! Book and How to Wow: Photoshop for Photography, with over a million and a half copies sold in 12 languages. For over 30 years Jack has been an internationally renowned spokesperson on digital imagery, and routinely teaches at conferences and workshops around the world, including for the National Geographic / Lindblad Expeditions. Davis is designated a “Master Teacher” by Adobe and was one of the first inductees into the Photoshop Hall of Fame for his lifetime contributions to the industry. He has an AA and BA in Graphic Design, and an MA and MFA in Digital Imagery.

Rikki Cooke worked for National Geographic for sixteen years; his latest article on Hawaii is in the December 2002 edition of National Geographic Magazine. His assignments included shooting two books: America’s Ancient Cities and The Blue Ridge Range as well as work in other National Geographic publications. His experience touches the full spectrum of photography, from lighting pyramids to photographing polar bears in the Arctic as well as national advertising campaigns for commercial clients. He and his wife Bronwyn are the authors of the award-winning book, Molokai, an Island in Time. And yes… he is an iPhoneaholic!

Dewitt Jones is a National Geographic photographer of many years. He and Rikki have taught together for 17 years. Dewitt has done five books, which include, What the Road passes By, Canyon Country and Visions of Wilderness. He is also known for his commercial photographs for Dewar’s Scotch, United Airlines and Canon Cameras. In recent years he is most noted for his talks on creativity that have inspired many corporations and large audiences. He brings the gifts of humor, insight and celebration of being alive to our time together. And yes… he (and his wife, Lynette Sheppard) is also an award-winning and published iPhoneaholic!

And for sample images from previous retreats (click on an image for a full-sized slide show): https://tinyurl.com/cp4tssampler

8 Days

DECEMBER 2-10, 2023

A workshop about fully engaging body, heart and mind in the practice of photography
Flint Sparks & John Barclay
(215) 822-0872
email: johnbarclayphoto@me.com
website: John Barclay Photography

Seeing Deeply is a learned discipline and takes practice. Our intent is to encourage you to enter the embodied practices of contemplative photography throughout the week during which we will learn to deepen our capacity for intimacy with our subjects, with our equipment and technique, and with each other. Seeing Deeply is an invitation to show up more fully in each moment, to be captured by the beauty of the world, and to become more skillful in the art of photography. We might be so bold as to say that this is an invitation to photography as spiritual practice.

Flint Sparks is a meditation teacher, Zen priest, and former psychologist dedicated to assisting people on the unending path to growing up and waking up. He is an experienced therapist and master teacher who assists people in softening barriers to love, both inside and outside. He is a clear an caring resource with nearly four decades of experience exploring the path of freedom from unnecessary suffering. This experience is now extending to the creative world of contemplative photography.

John Barclay is an award wining freelance photographer based in Bucks County, PA. John is a passionate photographer and enthusiastic workshop leader. He is also an inspirational speaker, presenting his program Dream – Believe – Create to audiences around the world. John’s work has been published in a number of books and magazines and is treasured by a number of private collectors. Recently, John was the recipient of an excellence award from B&W Magazine and chosen by Dewitt Jones to participate in his healingimages.org program. You can see his work and view his workshop schedule at johnbarclayphotography.com.
8 days

DECEMBER 18, 2023- JANUARY 3, 2024

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